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What we do

An initiative designed to understand how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting lives around the world. And specifically, which behaviours and attitudes will stick in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using sources ranging from in-depth interviews to peer to peer conversations, we are collecting, analysing and making sense of vast amounts of information. Every few weeks, we will summarise and share our key findings.

To access our data and findings, we ask that you become a contributor. See the contributor FAQ below. And please see the interviewee FAQ if you are interested in being interviewed.

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Promote our initiative or help us with practical challenges such as project management, web design, and social media engagement.

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Carry out interviews with participants, submit your reports and gain access to a wider pool of reports from across the world. Join us to receive your instructions.

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Write and edit our regular reports. Generate new probes and topics to explore for each new month. Keep us engaging, accessible and relevant.

Phase 2 - Pack for Contributor

  1. Download the Phase 2 topic details here.
  2. Download the template to use and submit - one per participant interview.
  3. Participant consent

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