Interviewee FAQs

  • We don’t use questionnaires. We have conversations. And are interested in exploring pandemic related topics such as changes to your routines and challenges that you might be experiencing. We would also love to hear your happy stories about changes that have taken place for the better. You should feel free to also ask they our contributors about how they are adapting in their everyday lives.

  • Once we write up our notes from our conversation with you, they will be completely anonymised. We will ask you your age, family makeup and where you live in the world. But no personally identifiable information will ever be used in our reports.

  • None of our researchers or contributors are paid. This is a crowd sourced initiative, owned by all of its contributors, including you. Every 4-6 weeks, you will receive a report which will summarise our most useful learnings, that both organisations and individuals will use to anticipate and thrive in a post pandemic world.

  • All of our conversations with you, covering many everyday life behaviours and attitudes, will aim to understand which new habits and behaviours will stick long after the pandemic is over.

  • If you know other family members, neighbours or friends who are happy to be called by us, please let us know by emailing.

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