Contributor FAQs

  • Once you contribute at any level, 1, 2 or 3, you will have access to all notes one page output from each interview. These may well amount to hundreds of pages of rich understanding. The monthly report will also be shared with all contributors, and selectively, with non-contributors who can help scale this initiative.

    By contributing, you will be part of a huge crowd/open source initiative which can form the basis of your own, private studies.

    No contributor or participant will be incentivised financially.

    No single organisation or individual will lead this initiative.

  • Three ways:

    • Help scale this initiative globally - using your own connections - to find new contributors
    • Make calls, start conversations around topics to be supplied and share learnings
    • Help sense make, complete and distribute a monthly report

    You decide which if not all of these to help with.

  • An upload link will be provided for you to send

    • Your notes - no matter how loose and incoherent
    • A one page topic template which we will supply
  • Conduct three x 30 minutes calls with a friend of a friend of a friend. Someone who is three times removed from you. Perhaps someone you have never met or spoken to before.

    We will supply a list of topics that you can explore with them, but you are not limited to these. Unexpected, interesting conversations may take place and we want you to share those too.

  • Absolutely not. These are two way conversations. Your participant should learn as much about you as you learn about them. You will avoid ‘why’ questions and focus on stories around coping, relationships, technology and more. We don’t want to turn them into interviewees by behaving like interviewers. Also, this initiative is not limited to trained researchers.

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